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Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship Minor [ENV]

Environmental Stewardship is an ethic that embodies responsible care and respect for the natural environment through conservation, preservation, restoration, and responsible individual and collective behavior. Environmental Sustainability implies a cross-generational commitment to this responsibility, and to its economic, and political, and social dimensions. Considerations include—but are not limited to—ecological system function, climate change, energy use, natural resource and ecosystems/land use, and human health and well-being.

Minor in Environmental Sustainability & Stewardship  (18 hours)

  • ENV 200: The Global Sustainable Future (Gen Ed Area 5B)
  • 3 Hours from each of the four Content Areas (12 hours),
  • 3 hours of approved ENV or content-relevant courses from other departments(with approval of Coordinator)

Certificate in Environmental Sustainability & Stewardship* (12 hours)

  • ENV 200: The Global Sustainable Future (Gen Ed Area 5B)
  • 9 additional hours of ENV courses, with no more than 6 hours from any one “Content Area” (content-relevant electives from other departments may be   substituted with approval of Coordinator)


ENV Content Areas

(click here for complete list of course descriptions)

Human Connections to the Physical and Natural World

  • ENV 302 Global Environmental Problems (Crosslisted as GEO 302)
  • ENV 500: Environmental Issues (Crosslisted with BIO 500)
  • ANT 370 Primate Conservation
  • EHS 425 Environmental Health Program Planning
  • SOC 383 Environmental Sociology

Environmental Behaviors, Values, and Ethics

Natural Systems Function

ENV 303 Environmental Geoscience (Crosslisted as GLY 303)

ENV 317 Conservation of Wildlife Resources (Crosslisted as WLD 317)

BIO 112 Ecology & Evolution (Gen Ed Area 4A)

ENV 590: Ecology for Teachers (Crosslisted as BIO 590)

Technological and Economic Applications

ENV 319 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems (Crosslisted as AGR 319)

ENV 340 Environmental Economics (Crosslisted as ECO 340 and APP 340)

ENV 341 Conservation of Agricultural Resources (Crosslisted as AGR 340)

ENV 325S Environmental Land Use Planning (Crosslisted as GEO 325S)

ENV 430 Sustainability in Appalachia (Crosslisted as GEO 430 and APP 430)

Applied Studies

Students may substitute up to 6 hours of applied learning, special topics, or independent studies courses either from the list below OR in content-relevant areas for courses in the four categories abovewith the approval of the program Coordinator.  For a current list of approved courses, visit

ENV 349: Appl. Learning: Sustainability (from 1 – 8 credit hours)

ENV 349 a-n Applied Sustainability Coop (from 1 – 8 hours credit hours)

ENV 350: Special Topics in ENV: _____________

ENV 450: Advanced Topics in ENV: ___________

ENV 498: Independent Study in Environmental Sustainability & Stewardship

ENV 561: Essentials of Enviornmental Education (Crosslisted with EMS 561)

ENV 564S Service Learning as Pedagogy (Crosslisted as EMS 564S)


READY TO DECLARE the Minor or Certificate? CLICK HERE For the "PROGRAM OF STUDY DECLARATION FORM"! , and then make an appointment with Alice Jones ( have the form signed!


Dr. Alice Jones, ENV Coordinator

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